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Spa Services 

Our Wellness Spa is here to serve as your sanctuary to shut out the outside world, and to give our licensed Massage Therapists and Energy Healers the time and space to help you release any pain and stress, so you can align your mind, body and soul in perfect health. 

Massage Establishment - MM# 24707

We offer a full line of TRADITIONAL, THERAPEUTIC and TARGETED MASSAGE treatments 

Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapists offer a full menu of massage services that will help you work out the kinks, relieve pain, relax and help you release what is no longer serving you .

Massage Add-On Therapies

Our Add-On Massage Therapies and Products are a great way to get the most out of your time with us.  A Peppermint Scalp Treatment or Facial Massage can be just the thing to take your massage experience to the next level.

We also have ENERGY THERAPIES and SPIRITUAL HEALING services available when you need them 

Spiritual Response Sessions

Connect with your higher self to identify any blocks that are holding you back and experience an accelerated transformation to clear those constraints to live your best life.

All of our therapies can be improved and augmented with essential oils from our AROMATHERAPY BAR 

Aromatic extracts have been used for centuries for purposes of culinary uses, beauty care, spiritual enlightenment and physical well being.  

Essential Oils are plant extracts that can take several pounds of plant to produce just a single bottle. 

Aromatherapy is the practice of using these plant extract oils for therapeutic and/or spiritual benefits.  Our massage therapists can use certain essential oils to help relax tight muscles and others that can relax the emotional center of the brain. 

Our spa offers a large inventory of essential oils that can be used to enhance your spa treatment or support your health and wellness goals in everyday life.  We have pre-made blends and can make custom blends for your unique biochemical makeup.

Self-Care Should Be Priority #1

Nobody escapes pain and stress in this life.  

Chronic pain and stress not only affects our bodies, but can affect our thoughts and emotions, and eventually our behavior.

While we may not have a choice in whether or not we experience the pain and stress, we do have a choice in how we manage it.

Some will choose to live with it and others will choose to dull it with addictive drugs... neither of which are healthy long-term solutions.

We like to view chronic pain and stress as a symptom of something that needs to be worked out and aligned with our highest selves.  

All of our spa services are designed to treat the body, the mind, and spirit for a more holistic way to get back into good health and optimize levels of wellness and vitality.

While none of us get to escape pain and stress in life, we can choose to move past it in the most holistic ways possible.  

If you're ready to give one of our therapists the time to help you relax and work out the physical and emotional blocks that are holding you back, then we're here to help you any way we can.

You can either call us at 407-656-9119 during shop hours or you can fill out one of the forms on this website to get your session scheduled now.

Take your massage home with our CBD Oils and Lotions

CBD Oils

All of our CBD Oils are 100% US Grown, Non-GMO Industrial Hemp with no added fillers and contains no THC. It's produced by a CO2 extraction process that produces a cleaner and tastier CBD oil.

CBD Lotions

We're famous for our proprietary CBD Lotions that blend pharmaceutical-grade CBD with 100% Essential Oils to make for beautiful aromas that nourish mind, body and soul. 

All Natural Products

Our oils and lotions are all natural plant-based products with no fillers or coloring additives.   CBD is sourced from the Industrial Hemp plant in the U.S.

CO2 Extraction

The CBD is processed through CO2 extraction which produces a cleaner, healthier CBD product.

3rd Party Test Results

We test every batch of every CBD product for potency consistency, so you can be sure that you're getting what you pay for.  Test results are available on each product page.


What our customers say

Lala l. 

Orlando, FL

"Every one there is extremely gifted. I highly recommend their healing sessions!!! My children love their snacks and create your own bath salt time. Foot baths is another one of my best things to do while having a great time with family/friends!"

Erin w.

Winter Garden, FL

"Lovely and devoted women run the shop as well as beautiful and kind healers they have to make appointments with! Definitely recommend."

Kimberly Ann G.

Orlando, FL

"Amazingly helpful people. Best products, vitamin, minerals and snacks. Foot baths facial and massage! What more can you ask for."

The Wellness Blog 

July 22, 2019

​Guest post from Jessica Rosen: “I finally lost myself!” How many people would react to that statement as if it were something negative? Does it trigger a negative response in you? For me it is the most beautiful, powerful and loving thing to experience. What is the self? Is it the thing that feels? The thing Continue Reading

Lose Your “Self” And Change The World

September 30, 2019

The 2019 autumn equinox happened this past week on Sept. 23rd. On that day, light and dark are of equal length. Symbolically it's seen as the transition from light to dark. The days start getting shorter, the temperatures drop, and we begin to prepare for winter. Here at Divine Wellness, we like to schedule wellness reset Continue Reading

7 Unintended Benefits Of A Wellness Reset

October 31, 2019

I’ve always been drawn to rocks, but I didn’t know that they could be used for healing until after I had begun my healing journey.  Someone had suggested using some stones to help my former husband with mood swings.I almost couldn’t believe it, but it was so much more pleasant to be around him when he Continue Reading

5 Ways To Use Crystals and Gemstones To Support Healing

September 8, 2019

Guest Post from Jessica Rosen: Many times we carry energy with us from the past that keeps us from being and doing what we truly desire in life.  That energy comes and stays in many different forms and some will carry it with them their entire lives. I have a simple 6 steps that I use Continue Reading

The 6 Steps To Energy Healing

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You can request an appointment here on the website by clicking here ->

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If during our open shop and spa hours, you can call us at 407-656-9119 to schedule your appointment.


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Our shop and spa is located at 33 S. Main St., Winter Garden, FL 34787

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