Guest Post from Jessica Rosen:

Many times we carry energy with us from the past that keeps us from being and doing what we truly desire in life.  That energy comes and stays in many different forms and some will carry it with them their entire lives.

I have a simple 6 steps that I use to guide clients through a process that allows them to truly letting go of what no longer serves them, so they can create the beautiful life they desire.

This post reveals these 6 steps and gets you thinking about ways that you can heal and transform energy in your life.

And if you’d like for me to personally guide you through the process, I’ve provided a link at the bottom of the page to request a one-on-one session.

The 6 Step Plan

Phase 1) Past Regression

Become aware of your past and how it is influencing your present. This includes connections to family, the family line, what you were taught, where you grew up, what affect religion, education, society and the media has had on your life.

Where do your belief systems come from? What energies are you holding onto from the past? The answers you receive from these types of questions will help you become aware of those energies and what they create for you now.

The first step is becoming aware of all the building blocks from the past that have created who you are and what you believe, in the present.

Phase 2) Letting Go

The realization that all past conditioning creates limitations on who you can be now and in the future.

Let go of past conditioning through forgiveness, re-write the past, see everything as a lesson and see everything as a blessing.

Phase 3) The Re-write

Once you see the conditioning and are aware of the lessons, you can re-write the story.

This is where you take on the writing and management of your life’s script.

Since we start this step with a blank page, you may be pleasantly surprised with how much control you actually have over the direction of your journey.

This is where we make the shift from a victim mentality to being the HERO of your life.

Phase 4) Be Here Now

This is all about transition. Be grounded in the present, be ok with just being here now and enjoy the space between who you were and who you will be. I call this the Hallway.

The doors of the past are closing and the possibilities of the future are within reach.

When we are in this position faith is the most important aspect. The motto for this area is, “You don’t have to know where you are going, so as long as you have faith and know you are on your way“.

Be in complete anticipation for the good to arrive.

Phase 5) Oh, the Possibilities!

The doors to the past are now closed.

This is where we are present and open to receive possibilities, excited for the future, connecting to the future self, asking questions, receiving answers in the form of awareness, focusing on the possibilities and have unwavering faith and expectation for the good to always arrive.

We are free!

Phase 6) The New Reality

Taking all that you have learned and the empowered being that you now are and become a spark of light for others to emulate. Why are we here, if not to help guide the way for others?

When an individual breaks free it helps the collective.

Be the Change you Want to see in the World first, then become a beacon of light for others.

If you are interested in becoming empowered and free, if this really resonates with you and you are ready to transform and step into the amazing creative and powerful being you truly are.

I offer one-on-one sessions, in person or over the phone.

In these sessions I connect to your higher self, the aspect of you that knows everything about every step of your journey.

Together, with Spirit, we work to erase the lifetime of conditioning that’s blocking you from receiving what you truly desire.

Once the blocks are gone, you can begin to fill that space with creating a new and amazing reality.

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