Spiritual Response 

What if you could easily shift, so your whole life can change into something greater? 

Spiritual Response

Meet Jess Rosen

A Message From Jessica Rosen

Welcome. I'm here to guide you on a journey where we take a peak into your past to see what's holding you back from having an amazing present. 

It's only when we're truly present that we can create from intention and become aware of all the limitless possibilities the future has in store for us.

There are 6 steps to truly letting go and being able to create a beautiful life. 

I am here to systematically guide you through these steps so that you can live an empowered life. 

When I work with a client, I connect to their Higher Self and receive information about things that may be holding them back, blocks from past and present experiences, discordant energies in their field that may block intention, sub-conscious motivations that are limiting them and whatever else may come through from their Higher Self.

I am a Divine conduit, working with the energy of Spirit, and employing many different modalities to help clear away these blocks and energies so that you can live a life that is open to expansion and open to receive limitless possibilities.

If you're interested in experiencing this kind of accelerated transformation then I encourage you to schedule a session so we can get started on your new journey right away.

1 Hour Session - $155

Package of 5 Hours - $650

Divine Wellness is conveniently located in Downtown Winter Garden, FL

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