​Guest post from Jessica Rosen:

“I finally lost myself!”

How many people would react to that statement as if it were something negative?

Does it trigger a negative response in you?

For me it is the most beautiful, powerful and loving thing to experience.

What is the self?

Is it the thing that feels?

The thing that reacts?

The thing that judges?  The thing that gets attached?

We are all trying to create the best reality, but is it possible to do that when we are relying on a “self” that is conditioned by past experiences?

What if the self is just a collaboration of all the things we have ever experienced, all the things we have learned over the years, all the conditioning from the outside world?

What would happen if we stopped functioning from that aspect?

What if the “self” is a major distraction to the reality we are trying to create? What if abandoning this so called “self” opens us up to receive more from the Universe?

Can we create a different and new reality with the same rules and attachments that we have been functioning from for all eternity, from all the conditioning of other “selves” out there in this world?

In order to change the world we need to stop functioning from THIS reality.

How many of you think this reality is actually “working”?

How many of us try to create our own reality through visualizations and vision boards?

If we are doing all of those things from the aspect of the “self” we are only going to create more of what we see in THIS reality!

The self is the thing that needs, that wants, that craves.

What you truly are is an infinite being. A being so infinite you already are love, health, wealth, abundance, beauty, and gratitude. We already ARE all the things we have been actively chasing for so long.

By letting go, by surrendering the self, we are open to ALL the possibilities in the universe.. not just the possibilities our “self” thinks we need.

Next time you are let down or hurt, ask “Would an infinite being feel this way?” No!

An infinite being would never feel hurt or let down. An infinite being accepts all the way it is, because when you are truly functioning from acceptance; nothing, absolutely nothing, is wrong or right..It just is..without judgement.

So tell your “self” to go away! Lose your “self” to more possibilities, and …

…  Everyday, ask the question: “What else is Possible?”

Stop functioning from THIS reality and Change the World!

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