I’ve always been drawn to rocks, but I didn’t know that they could be used for healing until after I had begun my healing journey.  Someone had suggested using some stones to help my former husband with mood swings.I almost couldn’t believe it, but it was so much more pleasant to be around him when he slept with his stones under his pillow at night. He told me that he could feel the difference as well and continued to use them.

​I first started wearing hematite jewelry to help absorb some of the stress that I was experiencing at the time.   I started out with a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring and I could feel the energy shift. 

I even noticed my necklace would be hot when I had high stress and almost cold when I was calm. I knew something was happening and went with it.Since that introduction, I’ve learned a lot about crystals and gemstones, and now use them in many different ways. Crystals have unique vibrations, and we can use these frequencies to shift our energy frequencies and the energy in our space.

By changing these frequencies, we can begin to support healing in many different ways.

Here are 5 ways we use crystals and gemstones to support healing:


What most people first notice about gems is their stunning appearance. For thousands of years gemstones have been desired for their beauty.  

For centuries, they have adorned crowns, coffins, and sacred structures.  Of course, who doesn’t love some “bling”!?  Anything sparkly always grabs my attention. 🙂

Regardless of if someone believes in the other properties of gemstones, they acknowledge that they are valuable because of their appearance.  

Today we use them for decoration everywhere, from jewelry, embellishment on clothing, home decor, kitchen countertops, and beautiful crystal light fixtures.  

I believe that we need the stones that we are attracted to most.  So trust your intuition when looking at and experiencing new gemstones… 


Crystals can ground us in many ways.  They are a part of the earth, and they can reconnect us to earth’s energy.  Grounding energy can help you relax as well as find focus.  Many gemstones can strengthen our root chakra and absorb negative energy… these stones are usually black, red, or brown.  I like to say they plant me back on earth as I have a tendency to fly.  So if you ever feel spacey and not focused, you can ground yourself by wearing or carrying them on you (pockets or bras work well).


Crystals can protect us from many things because they can absorb negative energy. You can also use them to ward off negative presences like psychic protection as well as the negativity of others. I’ve put smoky quartz over my front door to keep negative energy out. You can wear black tourmaline or keep some in your car to protect you while driving. Shungite can counteract the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from our cell phones, radiation from our computers, cell towers, and wifi. At the shop, we even sell a sanitary pad with a black tourmaline strip in the center for many health reasons.


Crystal therapy can help change the frequency at which the body vibrates. This can do things like increase, balance, move, unblock chakras (energy centers within the body), meridians (energy pathways running thru body), and aura (the energy field around body).  Ancient healers throughout time and cultures; Egyptian, Roman, Greece, Indian and Chinese, have used stones and other energy techniques to diagnose and treat illness.  They believed that weakness and illness come from a lack of life force flowing through our body.  They commonly used crystals for clearing and moving energy.  Crystals can also be used to clear energy in a space, as well as our bodies, and even clear the energy in other gemstones.


​​With the fast-paced world we live in, it can feel almost unattainable to de-stress and recenter.  Sometimes just sitting down and trying to meditate isn’t enough to quiet our mind and achieve a deeper level of consciousness.  Breathwork (giving our body adequate oxygen) combined with gemstones can be very powerful to help us relax, let go, and allow the oxygen and frequency to help us shift/heal during a meditation.  The crystals act like a conduit to connect us to earth (grounding) and spirit at the same time.

If you’d like to check out and experience some new crystals and gemstones, stop in the shop this week and save 30% on our full selection of stones.Comment below and let us know how you like to use crystals and gemstones.

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