5 Ways To Use Crystals and Gemstones To Support Healing

I’ve always been drawn to rocks, but I didn’t know that they could be used for healing until after I had begun my healing journey.  Someone had suggested using some stones to help my former husband with mood swings.I almost couldn’t believe it, but it was so much more pleasant to be around him when […]

7 Unintended Benefits Of A Wellness Reset

 The 2019 autumn equinox happened this past week on Sept. 23rd. On that day, light and dark are of equal length. Symbolically it’s seen as the transition from light to dark. The days start getting shorter, the temperatures drop, and we begin to prepare for winter.Here at Divine Wellness, we like to schedule wellness reset retreats […]

The 6 Steps To Energy Healing

Guest Post from Jessica Rosen: Many times we carry energy with us from the past that keeps us from being and doing what we truly desire in life.  That energy comes and stays in many different forms and some will carry it with them their entire lives. I have a simple 6 steps that I […]

Lose Your “Self” And Change The World

How many of us try to create our own reality through visualizations and vision boards?

If we are doing all of those things from the aspect of the “self” we are only going to create more of what we see in THIS reality!

The self is the thing that needs, that wants, that craves.

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