The 2019 autumn equinox happened this past week on Sept. 23rd. On that day, light and dark are of equal length.

Symbolically it’s seen as the transition from light to dark. The days start getting shorter, the temperatures drop, and we begin to prepare for winter.

Here at Divine Wellness, we like to schedule wellness reset retreats during the change of seasons. For us, it’s a convenient quarterly reminder to check in on our wellness level, look for opportunities for improvement and actually take steps to move in a new direction.

It’s a way for us to do some quarterly maintenance work on this beautiful body and mind that houses our journey through life.

We really enjoyed this latest reset retreat, so I thought I’d share some pics I took and some observations that I’ve gathered from years of going through this process with people.

You see, most people enter into a wellness reset like this because they have an issue they want to fix. They want to lose some weight, they want to cleanse a vital organ like their liver, kidney or bladder… they want to lower their blood pressure or reduce their risk of type-2 diabetes or heart disease.

While we all have different reasons for going through a reset, I’ve noticed that most people that go through the process talk about experiencing some fringe reset benefits that they weren’t expecting.

Here are the top 7 unintended benefits of a wellness reset:

1. More energy:

Many people don’t realize how much of their bodies energy is being wasted with trying to digest and overload of processed foods. Processed foods have become the standard American diet.

More and more people who need caffeine to get through the day are experiencing the effects of adrenal fatigue. Stress causes adrenaline and cortisol to be produced and eventually our adrenal glands get burned out.

When we give our vital organs a break from all the processed foods and stimulants, and nourish those organs with powerful plants and herbs, we can allow them to start working without the constant stress of trying to outrun our bad eating habits.

The energy that can come after reseting your system can be life changing. All of a sudden you don’t need powerful stimulants to get out of bed or get to work. And more importantly, you no longer need to worry about offsetting the stimulants with things like alcohol, depressants and food.

The new clean energy can be life changing, but most people don’t expect it.

2. Clear skin and eyes:

So nice to look in the mirror and be surprised at how good you look.

Going through a wellness reset will rehydrate you while filling your body with nutrients.  Many people mention how their skin looks and feels better, how blemishes are gone and even how their eye bags have diminished. Our skin is our largest organ, so it’s not a surprise that your skin will benefit and become more radiant from a wellness reset. 

People also notice that the whites of their eyes are whiter and clearer after a wellness reset.  Our eyes can become strained, dry and red from staring at computer screens all the time and an toxins in the body can be reflected in the eyes. 

3. Improved cognitive function:

When we cleanse toxins from our bodies, it only makes sense that we cleanse them from our minds too. 

When we cut out the things that are not essential in our lives, it helps the mind focus that which is important.

Giving our minds the time and rest is as important as soley see things that are not necessary or useful.

4. Reduced Inflammation:

Your body responds to a build up of toxins in the environment with inflammation.  When we allow those toxins to build up in our bodies, we experience symptoms like allergies, arthritis, IBS as well as autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases.

When you clean out those toxins, while at the same time feeding your body powerful nutrients, it allows cell repair in your body.

5. Deeper Sleep:

Most people who go through a wellness reset report getting better and deeper sleep at night.

When your body doesn’t have to work overtime digesting artificial foods and toxins, it’s able to rest when you sleep. 

6. New taste for food:

Sugar and salt cravings are generally gone by day 3 – 4 of a wellness reset.

When you get the artificial sugar and toxins out of your body, your taste buds begin to reset and flavors from nutritious food become more enjoyable. Suddenly your not craving the calorie dense processed foods that offer little nutritional benefits.

Instead, you’ll find yourself seeking out nutritional dense foods that your body is craving.

7. Feeling more empowered:

When you get back to your life after a wellness reset, you’ll see everything with a new perspective. With a cleaner body and fresh eyes to see and experience things differently than you did before.

Changing your food for a period of time to only plant based, raw or juiced, shifts your mind and body to release addictions, letting go of bad habits and changing your taste buds.

Most people report feeling more peaceful and in greater control of their lives.  There’s a sense of pride knowing that you have accomplished so much by just committing to giving your body the best nutrients, rest, oxygen and water you can provide.

By going through a wellness reset you’re choosing to live a cause in your life instead of at reaction to what is going on in your environment.  You’re choosing to feed your body what it really needs and not what your artificial food cravings want.

You now have comfort in knowing that you are in control of what happens to your body and in your life.  And you know that you always have the power to reset things again if and when you need to.

If you would like to join us for our next wellness reset retreat, just go here and get on the Early Bird list and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens up.  We never have more than 5-6 openings per retreat, so open spots usually go to those on the Early Bird List.

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