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Massage Therapy 

Our Massage Therapists are here to serve as your guide for shutting out the outside world, and giving yourself the time and attention that your body is seeking.  Whether it's a sports injury that needs worked out, an emotional block that needs to be cleared or just some good old bodily maintenance, we have a massage treatment that can help your body feel better fast.

Massage Establishment - MM# 24707

We offer a full line of TRADITIONAL, THERAPEUTIC and TARGETED MASSAGE treatments 

Essential Massage Therapies

Let one of our licensed massage therapists help you work out some of those kinks, relax fully and feel like a new you, right away...

Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep penetrating massage to release tension in specific muscle groups.

Lymphatic Massage:
Extra light touch technique to stimulate, cleanse and drain the lymphatic system.

Pregnancy Massage:
Total relaxation experience for expecting moms (no first trimester).

Applied pressure on specific reflex points of feet & hands to stimulate corresponding body systems.

Relaxation / Swedish Massage:
A traditional western therapy, developed in Sweden, to unwind and relax with a gentle touch massage.

Sport Massage:
This deep tissue medical massage can focus to reduce scar tissue from injuries, relieve pain and significantly increase range of motion.

Trigger Points:
Massage technique of applying and releasing pressure to points around the body to release knots in the muscle tissue which can bring in fresh oxygenated blood and flush out toxins to return the muscle group to a normal state.

Massage Session:
$95 (55 mins) 

Choose from any of our essential or targeted massage therapies or choose a combination of therapies in your session to maximize your healing potential within the time allotted

Extended Time:
$24 (every add'l 15 mins) 

You can request more time if it is available, because sometimes an hour is not enough.
Or you can purchase a package plan to have more sessions, more frequently, for deeper results.

Enhance your massage experience with one of our TREATMENT ADD-ONS 

Massage Add-Ons

Get something a little extra before, during or after your Massage Session.

Add-On Therapies

Abdominal Massage (add on 25 min):
Gentle, non-invasive massage of the abdomen to encourage improved digestion and elimination, and alleviate cramping.

Contrast Therapy (add on 25 min):
Alternating hot & cold therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation & relax muscle spasms to increase range of motion. (add before treatment)

Facial Massage (add on 10 - 25 min):
Enhance your beautiful smile with a relaxing facial massage to reduce wrinkles, relieve stress and look younger.

Peppermint Scalp Treatment (add on 15 min):
A stimulating way to increase circulation, relieve tension, and release stress.

Stretching: (add on 25 min):
Assisted stretching may increase circulation and range of motion, which may enhance flexibility and improve posture.

Product Add-Ons

Custom Aroma Massage Oil:
Sensory test to create a custom essential oil blend from the essential oils your body selected through a Compass Scan (2 oz) $25

Detox Footbath (before or after treatment):
Relax and enjoy the warm water footbath while you energize your body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify. Add after any spa treatment only $25 (regularly $35)


Meet Jossette

Welcome to our Massage Spa!

If you're looking for some relaxation or relief from the physical effects of stress or injuries, then you're in the right place.  You've found an authentic healing space with highly skilled therapists to help you alleviate any unwanted conditions.

We invite you to schedule an essential massage and work with your therapist to discuss the areas of tension or pain you are experiencing and the results you would like to achieve from your session.

Our therapists are well in tune and able to evaluate your issues, assess what is going on physically, and determine what massage techniques will help you find relief.

Your therapist will use a combination of therapies in your session to maximize your healing potential within the time allotted.

You can request more time if it is available... sometimes an hour is just not enough.

Or you can purchase a package plan to have more sessions, more frequently, for deeper results.

What To Expect

If it is your first time to our spa, here are some guidelines we would appreciate you following:

  • Please be on time and we will work to be as well.
  • Please be freshly bathed and there is no need for makeup.
  • Please no synthetic perfumes or fragrances, but deodorant is always welcome.

Clothing - What to wear:

  • Some prefer their sessions with gym shorts they change into before their massage.
  • Most people undress to the level of comfort they prefer... which is usually just underwear.
  • Bras are suggested to be removed for the session so the therapists can work more effectively.

A scalp massage may mess up your hairdo up a bit, and you may leave with a whole new look. But who really cares when you feel so great.

Just let your therapist know if you prefer to skip the scalp massage.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been used for centuries, for a variety of different reasons.  These are just a few of our favorite benefits:


Increases Dopamine

Massage therapy has shown to decrease cortisol, the body's main stress hormone.

It's also shown to increase dopamine and serotonin   which are hormones that are related to feelings of happiness and well being. [1]


Reduces Stress

Massage therapy can help your muscles relax, which can help you let go of fearful and anxious thoughts.

Deep-Tissue massage has shown to lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and help people feel calmer.[3]


Increases Circulation

Massage therapy has shown to increase blood circulation to muscle tissue. This increased blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle to assist healing.

Massage has also shown to be highly effective at alleviating muscle soreness.[2]



Massage therapy has shown marked increases in muscle cells' energy production and promotes a more restful night's sleep.

All these benefits to your body and mind can combine to give you more energy and a greater sense of well being. [4]

We also have ENERGY THERAPIES and SPIRITUAL HEALING services available when you need them 

Spiritual Response Therapy

Connect with your higher self to identify any blocks that are holding you back and experience an accelerated transformation to clear those constraints to live your best life.

All of our therapies can be improved and augmented with essential oils from our AROMATHERAPY BAR 

Aromatic extracts have been used for centuries for purposes of culinary uses, beauty care, spiritual enlightenment and physical well being.  

Essential Oils are plant extracts that can take several pounds of plant to produce just a single bottle. 

Aromatherapy is the practice of using these plant extract oils for therapeutic and/or spiritual benefits.  Our massage therapists can use certain essential oils to help relax tight muscles and others that can relax the emotional center of the brain. 

Our spa offers a large inventory of essential oils that can be used to enhance your spa treatment or support your health and wellness goals in everyday life.  We have pre-made blends and can make custom blends for your unique biochemical makeup.

Take your massage home with our CBD Oils and Lotions

CBD Oils

All of our CBD Oils are 100% US Grown, Non-GMO Industrial Hemp with no added fillers and contains no THC. It's produced by a CO2 extraction process that produces a cleaner and tastier CBD oil.

CBD Lotions

We're famous for our proprietary CBD Lotions that blend pharmaceutical-grade CBD with 100% Essential Oils to make for beautiful aromas that nourish mind, body and soul. 

All Natural Products

Our oils and lotions are all natural plant-based products with no fillers or coloring additives.   CBD is sourced from the Industrial Hemp plant in the U.S.

CO2 Extraction

The CBD is processed through CO2 extraction which produces a cleaner, healthier CBD product.

3rd Party Test Results

We test every batch of every CBD product for potency consistency, so you can be sure that you're getting what you pay for.  Test results are available on each product page.


What our customers say

Lala l. 

Orlando, FL

"Every one there is extremely gifted. I highly recommend their healing sessions!!! My children love their snacks and create your own bath salt time. Foot baths is another one of my best things to do while having a great time with family/friends!"

Erin w.

Winter Garden, FL

"Lovely and devoted women run the shop as well as beautiful and kind healers they have to make appointments with! Definitely recommend."

Kimberly Ann G.

Orlando, FL

"Amazingly helpful people. Best products, vitamin, minerals and snacks. Foot baths facial and massage! What more can you ask for."

Divine Wellness is conveniently located in Downtown Winter Garden, FL

Our Mission is Your Wellness

Everything we do is focused around helping our customers experience greater health, wellness and vitality in their lives.  If you can't find what you're looking for here on the website, give us a call and we'll let you know if we can help.

We're here to serve you.


What are your hours?

The shop in Winter Garden, FL is open from:
Mon. - Wed. 10:30am - 5:30pm
Thu. - Fri. 10:30am - 6:00pm
Sat. 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sun. - Closed

We sometimes stay open past closing time.  Feel free to give us a call and we'll let you know if we're staying open late that day.

Our online store is open 24/7, so you can shop off hours.

How do I schedule a massage session?

You can request an appointment here on the website by clicking here ->

Just click the Schedule button, fill out the form and we'll contact you to confirm as soon as we can.

If during our open shop and spa hours, you can call us at 407-656-9119 to schedule your appointment.


Where are you located?

Our shop and spa is located at 33 S. Main St., Winter Garden, FL 34787

How can I connect with you on social media?

We publish regular content on both Facebook and Instagram.

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