Thermography Service at Divine Wellness Every Month

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  • Thursday, September 22nd, 2022
  • Thursday, October 27th, 2022

Once a month, we offer thermography through our therapist, Sherry Albert, right here in our shop at Divine Wellness in Winter Garden!

Thermography uses thermograms to evaluate your body's heat distribution.

Abnormal tissue growth may show up on the thermogram through temperature changes.

Single region of interest exams such as breast studies take approximately 15 minutes and a full body study takes around 45 minutes.

Keep in mind, mammograms detect structure but thermography detects vascular changes! What that means is mammograms don't detect illness until year 8, but thermography can detect it in as little as 90 DAYS.

Heat emits light at a frequency per the temperature of an object. Contrasting temperatures appear in different colors on images. Thermal imaging cameras are an extension of the way the human eye is able to decipher the sun's heat radiation by connecting it with the colors of the spectrum.

Since humans rely so much on the sun to provide us with these color connections, thermal imaging cameras go the extra steps to detect lower temperatures emitted by objects. Since these cameras have the ability to produce these types of advanced images, they are called "thermograms."

Your "Thermograms" are sent electronically to a Board Certified M.D., trained in Thermology for interpretation and reporting. Your results are emailed to you and can be printed, which include the report and color images. Copies can be forwarded to your healthcare professional.

Thermography is not covered by Insurance. The good news is that the United Breast Cancer Foundation offers a grant for those in need!

Click here to learn more about the United Breast Cancer Foundation grant.  Once you're on the page, click "READ MORE" at the end of the first section to open up the short questionnaire.

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