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How can we support you on your healing journey?

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Custom Aromablends and therapeutic formulas are created with 100% pure essential oils daily at our Aromatherapy Bar.

We also create a full line of aromatic, therapeutic products, hand made at the bar for a variety conditions and ailments.

Body & Energy Work

If you’re looking to relax, release and heal, Divine Wellness offers a full menu of services aimed at helping you look and feel your best.

Our therapists are exceptional and have a passion to help others heal. Our services go beyond the ordinary, with a true possibility of healing

Healing Herbs & Food

The Herbal Boutique has a full line of high quality products and supplements. We have healthy food and snack choices as well.

Direct ordering is an option many customers take advantage of to save money and afford their supplements.

Alkalized Water

Revolutionize your energy, health and lifestyle by just upgrading your water.

Feel what it’s like to provide incomparable hydration, detoxification and anti-oxidation to your body on a daily basis.

Come in for a free gallon of Alkalized Water.

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