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Soap Making Workshop
Learn how to make your own natural goat's milk soap with the 100% pure essential oils that you love. After[...]
Ignite Your Energy
Learn the basics of how Energy works in our bodies with Stormy Lake. Experience a daily energy routine that you[...]
Cannabidiol 101
Discover the amazing power of Cannabidiol. Learn about the different consumption methods, why people love vaping it, and  what you[...]
Pandon Vape Event
Come experience for yourself the power of Hemp CBD concentrate for FREE at the PANDON Vape Event. Inhaling CBD vapor[...]

How can we support you on your healing journey?

Aromatherapy Bar
Custom Aromablends and therapeutic formulas are created with 100% pure essential oils daily at our Aromatherapy Bar. We also create[...]
Body & Energy Work
If you’re looking to relax, release and heal, Divine Wellness offers a full menu of services aimed at helping you[...]
Healing Touch
Healing Touch stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a gentle, light energetic touch that helps balance the[...]
Healing Herbs and Food
The Herbal Boutique has a full line of high quality products and supplements. We have healthy food and snack choices[...]

Register for one of our events

Advanced Aromatherapy Class
Learn more about 100% pure essential oils:  their healing properties and how to blend. Make your own custom aromatherapy blend[...]
Crystal Course 101
Come learn the properties and energies of crystals to help... Cleanse your mind Heal your body Bring balance to your[...]
Archangel Meditation for Divine Ascension
Raise your awareness with help from the Archangels in this beautiful meditation with Stormy. Join us for a meditation into[...]
Gemstone Chakra Meditation
Join us for a Powerful Gemstone Healing & Chakra Meditation with Stormy. All attendees will receive their own personal Energy[...]
Discovering Wellness
Getting healthy can seem so overwhelming! Many do not know where to start. Come and discuss fundamental ways to reclaim[...]

Clean Green
Remove deadly toxins from your household. Learn how to make your own Green Cleaning products with a few natural ingredients.[...]
Woman Warrior
Empowering women to build their strength through sacred sound and prayer with Stormy.   Reclaim and honor the warrior in[...]
Eating Organic on a Budget
Learn how to shop efficiently, affordably and nutritiously. Be aware of the dirty dozen and the clean 15.  Learn how to[...]
Soap Making Workshop
Learn how to make your own natural goat's milk soap with the 100% pure essential oils that you love. After[...]