Let’s face it, most men have everything they want already. This can make it tough to find the perfect present for Father’s Day.

For many years, I ended up getting my dad the same thing every year, usually a silly tie and some sort of chocolate. Dad was always a good sport about it, but I always felt like I wanted to do something more thoughtful.

As dad aged, I started to get more creative with his Father’s Day gifts and found that we could not only have fun with his gifts, but it was a great opportunity to give dad some things that he didn’t always know he needed. It was my way of letting dad know that I was paying attention and that I loved him.

So, in the spirit of letting dads know how important they are to us, we put together our 2022 Holistic Father’s Day Gift Guide.

#1 - Masculine Gemstone Jewelry

We've been really excited to notice a trend of more men shopping for and wearing gemstones.  We have beautiful collections of gemstones, jewelry, and bracelets that men are wearing and vibing with.

The adjustable cord gemstone necklaces are very popular with everyone.  They are easy to wear and adjustable so they can be stacked, to allow multiple necklaces to be worn at one time.

Here are some of the many stone pendants that are popular with men and some of their properties.

Smoky Quartz - grounding, stability, positive thoughts

Selenite - promotes peace and calm, clears blocked energy, provides clarity, elevates the spirit

Onyx - strength, stamina, self confidence, self control

Hematite - grounding, absorb negative energy, helpful for blood, protective

Shungite Orgone - protect, purify, grounding, detoxify, neutralize

Dads can have the biggest heart... always helping us out when we need them most.  

Sometimes dad's heart needs some help back, to stay healthy and beating strong so we can count on him for many years to come. Blood Pressure Health is another great formula by Terry Naturally that's specially formulated to maintain a healthy well functioning heart.

This formula not only helps with circulation but helps maintain arteries, support blood vessel and blood flow all while protecting against oxidative damage. Despite the name, it doesn't only keep the heart in tip top shape but the brain too!

Perfect for any man in your life this fathers day who could use a gift from the heart for the heart.

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Nothing is a more thoughtful or meaningful present then the gift of energy.  With our modern world, stress is imminent, and dealing with its effects can be difficult.  

But don't worry, Terry Naturally is to the rescue again with this amazing product.  Cortisol Rescue is a multi-B vitamin specifically formulated to fight the damaging effects of a busy, stressful life.  

Help dad get his energy back, and weight under control, all while managing stress and living life in a better mood and in a better way.  Perfect for any man in your life that could use his alertness hormones back. Cortisol Rescue is a need for the busy men in your life ... no matter their age.

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As we get older and we do more our bodies need a little extra help, especially our joints, it's only natural.  

Tart cherry is perfect for the active or aging men in your life.  This product mixes the best of both worlds with superior antioxidant support and all-over joint help all while being a top shelf after workout recovery.  

The most unique facet of this supplement is its ability to balance uric acid, something that becomes more important as we age.  

With all it has to offer, Tart Cherry is a perfect Father's Day gift no matter if it's for the man whose hitting the gym or hitting a roadblock in aging.

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Wellness starts with confidence... after all when you look good you feel good inside and out.  For many men, a source of insecurity is hair loss.  There are many products on the market for hair health, how do you know what to choose?  With Terry Naturally's Hair Renew Formula, you can start the change inside so you can see great results naturally.

It nourishes already thinning hair, sustains healthy hair growth, and may even aid in slowing down pesky age related hair loss with a great formula made for maximum nutrient support.

Get it today and watch their hair grow and grow, in no time dad will be refreshed with a new head of hair and a newfound confidence!

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A proven herb that improves our ability to adapt to stress ... and is 7x more powerful than other ginseng's.  

It is a revolutionary new formulation called HRG80 (TM) that is easier to absorb so it provides support for energy, focus, stamina, libido and endurance.  

This is welcome news to anyone dealing with health issues brought about by our modern world.  

Some of these issues could be low energy, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, memory loss, erectile dysfunction, and much more.  Many men have effectively used the Red Ginseng with a botanical blend over time to improve and sustain erections, increase sex drive, and boost stamina and endurance.

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#7 - Filthy Father Soaps

Filthy Farm Girl soaps are handmade by a couple in Hawaii with coconut oil, pure essential oils and all natural ingredients.  

The label designs are brilliant, beautiful and many times, hilarious.   Perfect for anyone who likes a good chuckle and a good smelling, natural soap.  

There are soaps designed for many occupations and personalities.  

So it is easy to find a few that are appropriate for dad.

If you need help shopping for your dad, stop into the shop or give us a call and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.

If you're still stuck for what to get that special person this Father's Day, a Divine Wellness Gift Certificate can be the perfect gift.

Our in-store gift certificates can be used all of our products in the shop and all our spa services.

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