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Royal Treatment:

Do it all...Create your Custom Aroma Massage Oil Blend (2 oz), then have your oil blend used to release tension during a Deep Tissue Massage (111 min), and finish in a relaxing (30 min) Detox Footbath $175

Attitude Adjustment:

The real deal…Create your Custom Aroma Massage Oil Blend (2 oz) and then have your oil blend used to penetrate and release tension and unpleasant attitudes during a Deep Tissue Massage. (85 min) $125

Treat Yourself with an Essential Massage

Relaxation Massage:

Unwind and relax with a gentle touch massage (55 min) $70, (85 min) $105, series of 3 $195

Pregnancy Massage:

Total relaxation experience for expecting moms (no first trimester) (55 min) $70, series of 3 $195

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep penetrating massage to release tension in specific muscle groups.  (55 min) $80, (85 min) $120, series of 3 $225

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Sport Massage:

This deep tissue medical massage can focus to reduce scar tissue from injuries, relieve pain and significantly increase range of motion.  (55 min) $85

Pain Relief Massage:

Got Pain? Let our therapists work their amazing hands on specific areas to relieve pain from ailments like carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve & knee pain. (55 min) $85

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS):

This effective method of Athletic Stretching provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes. This technique of holding the isolated muscle for no longer than two seconds allows the target muscles to optimally lengthen without opposing tension or resulting trauma and achieves a state of relaxation. Unlock your frozen joints and golfers elbow today.  (55 min) $125

Or maybe you could use a targeted treatment?


Improve your whole body health and performance with a gentle approach that releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction. (55 min) $90

TMJ Balance:

Specific attention on the cranium, neck and shoulders to calm the Temporomandibula joint. (added to CranioSacral session)  $15

Lymphatic Massage:

Extra light touch technique to stimulate, cleanse and drain the lymphatic system.  (25 min) $40, (55 min) $75

Neurolymphatic Massage:

Extra, extra light touch to release old conditions, extreme pain and blocked energy.  (25 min) $40, (55 min) $75

Have you experienced an Energy Massage?


Applied pressure on specific reflex points of feet & hands to stimulate corresponding body systems (25 min - only feet or hands) $45,  (55 min) $75

Sound Therapy (add on):

Drumming, Tibetan singing bowl, crystal bowl, and rattles may be added to your massage experience to aid in total relaxation, balance and a peace that can not be achieved by massage alone. May also be used to release tension in specific muscle groups.  (55 min) $80, (85 min) $120, series of 3 $225

Gemotherapy Massage:

Experience harmony as specific gemstones are used to align your Chakras and bring balance to your mind, body and spirit while enjoying a relaxing massage. (55 min) $75

Add a "little more" before, during or after your treatment...

Contrast Therapy (add on):

Alternating hot & cold therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation & relax muscle spasms to increase range of motion. (add on 30 min before treatment)  $35

Facial Massage  (add on):

Reduce wrinkles, relieve stress and look younger (add on) $12

Meditation (add on):

Enhance your massage experience with a Contemplation Meditation and feel a beautiful journey (integrated in massage)  $20

Custom Aroma Massage Oil:

Sensory test to create a custom essential oil blend from your Compass Scan (2 oz) $15

Aromatherapy (add on):

Hurt No More, Peppermint Scalp Treatment, Lavender & Patchouli Foot Rub (add to your treatment) $10

Detox Footbath (before or after treatment):

Relax and enjoy the warm water footbath while you energize your body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify. Add after any spa treatment only $25  (regularly $35)

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