Crystal energy healing

Use CEH to Re-Balance Your Chakras And Clear Disharmony In The Body

Crystal energy healing incorporates the use of universal healing light, healing crystals, sound vibration and aromatherapy to clear any disharmony in the body down to cellular level.

Crystal Energy HEaling

A Message from Jangi

If you have been feeling out of balance mentally or physically.

If you have been looking for alternatives to western medicine or physical treatments.

If you are interested in expanding awareness or clearing blocks to growth.

If you are drawn to crystals and want to learn more about how they can be used to shift energy.

Or if you just want to feel relaxed and recharged, schedule a Crystal Energy Healing session with me and let me help guide your energy to re-balance your chakras using crystals, tuning forks, aromatherapy.

About Jangi

My former corporate life put a lot of stress on me and my body.

After struggling to make progress with western medicine, I turned to more holistic and alternative healing modalities.

Along my journey to heal myself I gained knowledge and experience with how to use energy to heal. I use my natural intuitive gifts and what I’ve learned about how to optimize tools like crystals, aromatherapy, and frequency to realign your chakras and get you back to harmony.