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Divine Spa Experience

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and vital wellness by investing in one of our Divine Wellness Memberships...

Let one of our licensed massage therapists help you work out some of those kinks, relax fully and feel like a new you, right away...

You can either schedule a one-time massage, or save more with a Wellness Membership.

Why Wait? Become a member today!

You'll Love Benefits Of A Divine Massage:


Massage therapy has shown to create endorphins, which offer many different mood-enhancing benefits.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that have pain-relieving properties and are also connected to producing euphoric feelings, the release of sex hormones, and appetite modulation.


Massage therapy has shown to increase blood circulation to muscle tissue. This increased blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle to assist healing.

Massage therapy can also increase the flow of lymph fluid, which assists the body in removing waste and toxins from muscle tissue.


Massage therapy can help your muscles relax, which can help you let go of fearful and anxious thoughts.

Massage therapy has shown to release tension, lower heart rate and help people feel calmer.


Massage therapy has shown marked increases in muscle cells' energy production and promotes a more restful night's sleep.

All these benefits to your body and mind can combine to give you more energy and a greater sense of well being.

Select Your Membership Level


  • One 1-Hour Swedish / Relaxation Massage or Pregnancy Massage per month
  • 15% off additional spa treatments
  • 10% off retail and online purchases


  • One 1.5 Hour Specialty Massage per month *
  • 15% off additional spa treatments
  • 10% off retail and online purchases
  • One Detox Foot Bath per month

* Specialty Massage includes Deep Tissue, Sport, Reflexology or Lymph Massage


  • One 2-Hour Specialty Massage or Healing Session per month **


  • Two 1-Hour Specialty Massages or Healing Sessions per month **
  • 15% off additional spa treatments
  • 10% off retail and online purchases
  • Two Detox Foot Baths per month
  • Free Divine Wellness Workshops & Meditations

** Healing Sessions can include any CranioSacral Massage, Healing Touch and Energy Healing Sessions

All memberships are automatically billed every 30 days and can be cancelled any time.  Massage or therapy sessions can be rolled over to the next month two times per year.

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