Declaring Your Health & Wellness Independence

By DW Team | Personal Liberty

During this season of independence, we have more to celebrate in regard to personal health and wellness freedom than at any other time in the last 80 years.

Just 10 years ago, someone battling life threatening cancer would not have been able to treat themselves with cannabis in most states.  A substance that is more natural and has far fewer side effects than the drugs that were being prescribed.Even a plant with far fewer side effects, the Industrial Hemp plant (non-psychoactive cousin to the more well-known Marijuana plant) would have called for time in prison 10 years ago in many places.

When we don’t have the ability to consume a plant as wonderful and innocuous as the Industrial Hemp plant, then a part of our personal liberty dies.

Now in 2019, we have marijuana being sold in dispensaries all over the state of Florida and it’s fully legal for recreational use in 10 states.

That’s amazing progress!

In December, the Farm Act of 2018 finally made the Industrial Hemp plant legal without having to renew it’s legality ever year.  Before that, hemp’s legality had to be renewed every year with passage of that years Farm Bill (2014-2017).

For people in the hemp business, that made for a good bit of uncertainty over the years.  Doesn’t seem like congress can get much of anything useful done, but they renewed hemp’s legality every year and made in permanent in 2018.As of July 1st, 2019 hemp is now legal at the state level in Florida.

We thank lawmakers at both the federal and state levels for passing common sense laws that allow us to not only grow, process and consume hemp, but it also allows us to study it.  Hemp Prohibition made it illegal to even study the plant.  Only now are we beginning to understand even more of its potential uses.

There’s still work to do.

As good as things have been trending there’s still work to do — there’s still a question as to whether the FDA will regulate CBD like food and dietary supplements or regulate CBD as a drug.

If the FDA decides to regulate CBD as a drug, then the public may be forced to pay pharmaceutic companies for high priced products like Epidiolex, which will run an individual $32,500 per year.

That $32,500 breaks down to about $89 per day for 50mg of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Compare that to Root Nutritionals 2oz 500mg bottle of CBD oil for $80.  That breaks down to ten 50mg servings for $8 per day.

​The Extra Strentgh 2oz 2000mg will run $199 and that ends up being forty 50mg CBD doses for just $5 per 50mg servings.

Which would you rather pay — $89 a day or $8 a day?

That’s still what’s at stake with the upcoming FDA regulations.

Paying less money to small businesses or paying ten times more to big pharma.

So, we ask that you stay aware and informed on this subject that’s so important to everyone’s personal liberty by having the ability to consume a plant that’s a much safer way to treat many different health and wellness conditions.

Let’s enjoy and appreciate where things are at now, but let’s stay vigilant to make sure the trend towards liberty continues

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Happy Independence Day!