Step up to the new Aroma Bar and let's see what we can put together for you...

... our 100% pure essential oils can be used in many ways to heal the mind, body and spirit. Custom Aromablends and therapeutic formulas are created daily at the Aromatherapy Bar.

Original Bar Formulas:

We also create a full line of aromatic, therapeutic products, custom made at the bar for a variety conditions and ailments:

  • Congestion Relief     Spray
  • Intestinal Soother
  • Sitz Bath
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Cold Sore Salve
  • Allergy Relief             Spray
  • Cramp Rub
  • Scar Cream
  • Bed Bug Spray
  • Study Buddy
  • Tummy Tamer
  • Hot Flash Spray
  • Skin Irritation             Spray
  • Bug Away Spray
  • Yeast Relief

Feedback from our clients, using their customized essential oil blends are remarkably healing.

Emotional Healing:

It is in the heart where the healing process begins and allows one to let go of past hurt, judgment, and transgression. Choosing gratitude and love willingly creates the possibility of forgiveness and true healing. Above all, complete surrender is the secret to healing and setting oneself free from what does not serve one’s highest good. Let it all go and find inner peace with healing and self love.

Create Your Personal Blend

Step 1: We check with your body which essential oils and flower essences it prefers with the Zyto Compass.

Step 2: We perform a sensory test (smell) with each essential oil exclusively chosen.

Step 3: We create the blend specifically for you.

Step 4: Your custom Aromablend is ready to be enjoyed.

It is also recommended to add the power of Flower Essences into your Custom Aroma Blend to heighten your personal healing experience. Seven flower essence formulas are available to enhance the healing of wounded hearts and restore happiness, joy, love and inner peace.

Your custom blend can be used as hand sanitizer, personal scent, deodorant, toner, foot spray, and pillow spray just to name a few. In addition, it is recommended to continue the journey to wellness by rescanning on a regular basis & have new blends created.

To create a personal blend for stress, pain, anxiety; add Cannabidiol to your custom aromablend.

Cannabidiol is being scientifically studied and proven to be successful treating many diseases by affecting our own endocannabinoid system of the brain, which is the regulatory system of the body that maintains homeostasis (internal stability) in the other systems. Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, diabetes, chronic pain, MS, PTSD and many more are responding greatly to treatments involving cannabidiol oil and other cannabinoids.

Different from THC, CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive impact, allowing consumers to access the beneficial effects of cannabis without the euphoria.

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Custom Aromablends and therapeutic formulas are created with 100% pure essential oils daily at our Aromatherapy Bar.

We also create a full line of aromatic, therapeutic products, hand made at the bar for a variety conditions and ailments.

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